All families have different entrees that garnish their tables during the holiday season. What might be traditional to one family may not be to another. Dinner entrees and dishes such as turkey, prime rib, ham, pasta, asparagus, green beans, broccoli, and sweet potatoes were standard choices for our family growing up. However, if it were up to my adult children, they would list SWEET POTATOES as their number one pick OVER any meat entree or green vegetable. Technically, my girls have been heck-bent on "sweet potatoes this and sweet potatoes that" since they were five years old, every holiday, and basically any time of the year. My son, however, the oldest of the bunch, definitely leans more towards the carnivore and greens aspect of grazing during the holiday and probably wouldn't even notice if sweet potatoes were on the table.

So what is my daughters' fascination with sweet potatoes? It's all about the "sweet" part of the potato that sends them over the top, and it doesn't stop there! After mashing these potassium-filled quartered morsels comes the ingredients; three heaping tablespoons of real butter, a dash of salt, milk, and easily "TWO" cups of brown sugar. Once mixed, it's put into a baking dish and topped with a half bag of mini marshmallows. I have to either blame or thank my mother for starting this tradition in the first place, even though her original recipe calls for far less sugar! Now, because the girls are so insistent that sweet potatoes be part of the scene, guess what? They also "get" to prep the chock-full of sugar "amended recipe" during family gatherings. Have at it, girls! Lucky for them as they devour these babies like clockwork every year! Do you have family members that have their minds set on any "ONE" particular dish during the holidays?

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