In case you missed the memo, I am a sports guy. Even more so, a local sports guy. One of the things I am truly grateful for over the years is the relationships I have had with coaches.

It doesn’t matter what level of activity we are talking about; coaches are mentors, parental figures, friends, and therapists. Think about it, when you have kids in High School, your kids are with their coaches more than they are with you. We are talking year-round too, not just during the season. Open gyms, weights, and summer leagues, coaches are there, working tirelessly to help the kids of our community.

Coaches are responsible for a hell of a lot more than wins and losses.

Think of the people that have shaped you.

I don’t know many guys my age that don’t owe a debt of gratitude to John McElroy and/or Jim Street.

How about Charlie Merrifield?

For me, it’s Meg Murphy and Bob Green. When I got started calling games, they both welcomed me with open arms, they did everything they could to make me feel ‘part of it’, and they made me better.

The coach I owe everything to is John Thatcher (granted, he will complain that I never interviewed him when I covered his games at Butte High ((because he intimidated the… you know what out of me)) Spending the amount of time that I have with JT, has been an incredible blessing. Hell, I’ve had my head coach sitting next to me for a dozen years, the amount he has taught me about life is beyond measure, and I am a better man because of it.

John Thatcher and I at the end of the 2021 basketball season.
John Thatcher and I at the end of the 2021 basketball season. townsquare media

We owe a lot to the coaches in our community, I guarantee they know things going on in your kid’s life that you are completely unaware of… AND that is not a bad thing, that just means there is someone out there that is helping, and always will.

So, take a few minutes and send a message thanking your kids’ coaches, current or otherwise. Think about it, be truthful, and tell them the impact they have had on your family. Every coach alive would love this.

Personally, I can’t thank my daughters ‘coaches’ enough. The Orphan Girl Theater is Sul’s happy place, and those kids work HARD on productions. Liz (and Jackie before her) have made a huge impact on my family. My daughter is a better person because of what she has learned at Orphan Girl, and I am eternally grateful.

So get on it, Thank a coach today.

Once we do that, we will move on to the officials. Where we analyze just how disappointed our grandmothers would be in us for the horrible things we say to them.

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