They're at it again! The Butte Elks Lodge is showing even more love for the community with a Pancake Breakfast to support the Orphan Girl Children's Theatre! This event happens on February 5th at the Butte Elks Lodge, so prepare to get your grub on for a great cause. For decades the Orphan Girl Theatre has provided an outlet for youths in the community. Both locally and globally, these theatre programs have been successful in helping children develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills. In a study conducted by the online site Theatre & Dance, it was determined that students involved in theatrical workshops, either on stage or behind the scenes, develop the confidence needed to express themselves more clearly, thoughtfully, and eloquently to the outside world. More importantly, these young thespians are given an outlet to express their true selves, which can also be an essential self-esteem builder. (see below)

With everything that theatre programs offer, it's no wonder the Butte Elks Lodge is on board to support the Orphan Girl Children's Theatre (316 W Park, Butte) next month with a Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser. Of course, none of this is possible without the community's support, so thank you in advance to those who plan to attend. So, here's what to expect during the fundraiser on February 5th. From 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., the Butte Elks Lodge (206 W Galena) will serve pancakes, with everything from eggs, bacon, and sausage, to juice and coffee. The cost is only $10 a plate, and children five and under eat for free. Proceeds will help to pay tuition fees for aspiring young actors and actresses. So, to all supporters, take a well-deserved bow! Bravo!

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