How about a weekend of world cuisine? This Saturday, February 4th, the Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church in Butte will host an evening of traditional Yugoslavian and Balkan-style foods. These delicious dishes will also be served with a variety of desserts, plus complimentary wine and coffee. During "A Night of World Cuisine", members of the Parish Center (2100 Continental Drive) will dress in traditional attire reminiscent of their heritage. Also, during the celebration of world cuisine this Saturday in Butte, enjoy music and no-host cocktails served at 6 pm. Dinner begins at 7 pm. A few seats are still available, so reserve yours now by calling Jennifer at (406) 560-5366, Lisa at (406) 479-4759, or Darleen at (406) 490-7673.

Now, to really get your taste buds going, here's what to expect during "A Night of World Cuisine" at Holy Trinity's Parish Center this Saturday, February 4th. True to their Eastern European heritage, dinner will include roasted leg of lamb (PECI JAGNJEKIM), cabbage rolls (SARMA), sausage (KOVBASICA), and polenta (CICVARA). Vegetables, salad, fritters, and bread will complement each dish to make it a true feast. As for dessert, the options are perfect! Choose one or two of the following; apple or cheese pita, traditional povitica, which is sweet bread dough hand-stretched with a walnut filling, and baklava, which is layers of phyllo dough with a honey and walnut filling. This Irish/Italian has actually made baklava a few times. Initially, when my kids competed in middle school World Fairs. I'm sure the recipe used for baklava at "A Night of World Cuisine" will put mine to shame, but my family and I still didn't waste any time gobbling up my concoction the times I made it. So, with the upcoming "Night of World Cuisine", do just that; enjoy plenty of traditional food, music, friends, family, and more! (more on the World Cuisine below)

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