The Anaconda Lady Copperheads Volleyball Team is all about the GAME, both LITERALLY and FIGURATIVELY this year, and fans couldn't be prouder! It has been an incredible season for the Lady Heads, and they will continue their diligence in a match-up this MORNING in Divisional Class B Volleyball action against the Thompson Falls Blue Hawks for a second time this week in Florence at 10 a.m.! Upon entering the tournament on Thursday, the Lady Copperheads blew away the St. Ignatius Bulldogs in THREE matches. However, a minor setback occurred later in the day when they fell short in their game against ongoing rivals, Thompson Falls, 2 matches to 3.

Refreshed and ready to go, the Heads came out alive and with a vengeance during divisional play yesterday to dominate the Eureka Lions in THREE straight matches. After that, the Snake Pit crew was on a roll as they continued to use no-nonsense tactics to blast the Florence Falcons on their home court, 3 matches to 1! Going full circle and as initially conveyed, it's "rally time" once again as the Lady Copperheads go head to head with the Blue Hawks! There's no doubt the Lady Copperheads have it in them to make that divine trip to STATE. After all, they WON Montana's 6B District championship against Deer Lodge just last week and have had a stellar season!

So, there it is! The excitement continues as the Lady Copperheads Volleyball Team takes to the court today! It's a moment when one couldn't ask for a better support system in the smelter city. The camaraderie is proudly served between the team, coaches, cheerleaders, parents, AHS band, staff, fans, and more! Through thick and thin, once a Copperhead, always a Copperhead. Go Heads! For updated coverage of this morning's game follow the voice of the Copperheads, Blake Hempstead at Copperhead Country Media on Facebook and at 

Anaconda Lady Copperheads Roster: Seniors - (L) Kaedance Lunceford; (RS, OH) Ashley Mitchell; (OH) Ally Cortright; (MB) Nevaeha Cook. Juniors - (S, RS) Larkin Galle; (OH) Maniyah Lunceford; (S, RS) Makena Patrick. Sophomores - (DS, L) Kendra Redd; (RS) Kiera Skocilich, (MB) Gianna Chor; (S, RS) Meela Mitchell; (MH) Rainn Daniels; (MH) Shanna Johnson. Freshman - (OH) Quincy Saltenberger; (OH) Hayden Lunceford. Head Coach Korey Rivers. 


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