While many prepare for holiday travel, like clockwork, Montana weather conditions remain uncooperative. If you're from Montana, it's just expected. You know the drill; old man winter is in a mood and wants us all to suffer with extreme snowfall and wind chill factors ten times colder than a kitchen freezer. Yes, I'm playing the world's smallest violin right now, and for good reason. Even though we all know what to expect when winter rolls around in Montana, it's still the main topic when chiming in with the locals. Griping about the weather is part of the fun and, furthermore, all part of the challenge. Montanans love a good challenge, and with that, we again embrace putting old man winter in his place. That's right ol' man...we got this!

"Some" joking aside, weather conditions across Montana hit record low temps the past few days, which has caused extreme weather advisories, proving conditions are pretty hazardous and unsafe. Just yesterday, the wind chill value was -45 below in  Southwest Montana, causing great difficulty for travelers and those seeking shelter. With that, make sure to keep up-to-date on current weather and road conditions across Montana and when heading to other destinations outside of the state. Furthermore, if you have any issues with your home thermostat or need shelter, immediately contact the Butte Rescue Mission at (406) 782-0925, Action Inc. at (406)533-6855, or dial 988 for the Crisis Line. 

So to the relief of many, the expected high for tomorrow is 19 degrees and 35 degrees over the weekend. Sigh. When you're happy, temperatures will be "at least" in the teens; that's when you know you're a true Montanan! Also, this winter, remember your fur babies. Extreme weather conditions are brutal on pups and kitties, so keep them safe and warm. I know all too well about this scenario. My dog, who regularly interrupts my sleep pattern by begging to go outside at least three times a night, looked at me last night like I had a cyclops on my head for even suggesting he go outside. Smart dog! So, until the winter weather breaks months from now, be safe and take good care.

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