Here is a look at the Bulldog girls’ sub-varsity results against Glacier and Flathead.
Starting with the results against the Glacier Wolfpack.

Freshman results:

Butte High 35 Glacier 30

Ally Godbout – 2 points
Franki Salusso- 8 points
Gracie Jonart- 14 points, 4/5 free throws
Emma Johnson 11 points, 3/ free throws

Notable Contributors:
Very nice road win for the Lady Dogs Freshman squad. The Dogs were led by Franki Salusso with great guard play by controlling the tempo of the game and for giving great energy on defense.
Gracie Jonart and Emma Johnson cleaned up the glass with aggressive rebounding for the Lady Dogs. Ally Godbout contributed to the win with nice guard play and staying aggressive on the defensive side of the ball.

Coaches Notes:
Franki Salusso is the Junkyard Dog player of the game because of her relentless defense and leaving everything out on the court.

Sophomore results vs. Glacier

Butte High 35 Glacier 47
Gracier Ferriter 14 points
Addelei Hiatt 2 points - 2/6 free throws
Jaycee Cleveland 5 points - 3/9 free throws
Chelsi Lyons 6 points – 2/4 free throws
Madisyn Swanson- 6 points

Other Notable Contributors (reason):
Great Hustle from Chelsi Lyons.

Junior Varsity results:

Butte High 31 Glacier 43

Cadence Graham - 12 points (2 3’s)
Ashby Lee- 6 points 4/4 free throws
Harlee Muffich- 5 points 3/4 free throws
Sonya Trudnowski – 4 points
Autumn Clary – 2 points
Catherine Sholey- 2 points

Other Notable Contributors (reason):
Autumn Clary displayed great effort by getting rebounds and hustling on defense. Harlee Muffich attacked the boards well. Cadence Graham contributed on both ends of the floor and added 12 points.

Results from the Bulldog girls vs. Flathead, starting with the Freshman.

Butte High 45 Flathead 46

Franki Salusso - 21 points, 2-3’s, 1/2 free throws
Gracie Jonart – 8 points 2/6 free throws
Ally Goudbout – 6 points
Emma Johnson – 5 points, 1/1 free throw
Makenzie Dayhuff – 2 points, 2/2 free throws
Tatum Giacomino – 2 points
Alexxys Danielson – 1 point, 1/4 free throws

Notable Contributors:
The most complete game to date for the Lady Dogs as the entire team played well on both sides of the court but they came up a bucket shy of sweeping the Kalispell schools on the long road trip to the Flathead Valley.
Tatum Giacomino competed hard on the defensive side of the ball and cleaned up the glass with great jumping ability. Alexxys Danielson and Makenzie Dayhuff played their best game of the season on both sides of the court.

Coaches Notes:
Franki Salusso is the Junkyard Dog player of the game with that bulldog mentality on the defensive side of the ball.

Butte High Sophomore vs. Flathead

Butte 34 Flathead 39

Addelei Hiatt- 8 points, 2 3’s
Jaycee Cleveland – 8 points, 1-3, 1/3 free throws
Madisyn Swanson – 6 points, 1-3, 1/3 free throws
Gracie Ferriter – 4 points
Sidney Whitaker – 3 points, 1-3
Chelsi Lyons 3 points, 1/4 free throws
Shelbie Byrnes 2 points

Other Notable Contributors (reason):
Addelei and Jaycee top scorers with 8. Great hustle and defense from Chelsi and Addelei.

Butte High JV vs. Flathead

Butte High 47 Flathead 48

Autumn Clary – 11 points, 3-3’s, 2/4 free throws
Cadence Graham - 9 points,
Ashby Lee – 8 points, 4/4 free throws
Sonya Trudnowski – 7 points, 1-3, 2/2 free throws
Taylor Drakos – 6 points, 2/2 free throws
Catherine Sholey – 3 points, 1/2 free throws
Kenzie Jaksha – 3 points, 1-3 pointer

Other Notable Contributors (reason):
Autumn Clary contributed big in the third quarter hitting 3 for 3 on 3 pointers. Taylor Drakos displayed great effort on both ends of the floor. Cadence Graham, Elli Quist and Autumn Clary applied great pressure in full court press situations.

Full results from the Missoula Hellgate and Missoula Big Sky games can be found HERE.

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