Many educational programs throughout Montana offer insight into suicide prevention. One upcoming program set to take place in Dillon next week will aim to raise suicide awareness in the form of a theatrical production. The performance, titled "Every Brilliant Thing," was created to help make suicide prevention and awareness more engaging to middle and high school students across Montana. As noted by UM-Western coordinators, the concept first began in 2019 when artists Rosie Seitz and Bryan Eggensperger presented the show to various urban and rural communities in the state. Due to its success, the cast is now back on the road delivering the important message of suicide prevention. "Every Brilliant Thing," written by Duncan MacMillan, takes audience members into the life of a family who goes to great lengths to help a loved one struggling with depression and thoughts of suicide. The story lays a foundation to help the family in question concentrate on the things worth living for and everything that's brilliant about the world.

Illustrated with a "to-do" list through the eyes of a child, "Every Brilliant Thing" works to connect the dots to a family's needs and dynamics. Furthermore, the production leads the way for children to realize they are not alone in their thoughts and that help is available for any problems, issues, and struggles they may face. This informative and must-see performance runs February 10th, 11th & 12th at the UM-Western Beier Auditorium (710 South Atlantic Street in Dillon). Both matinee and evening shows are available, with a special performance for school groups on Friday, February 10th. For more details, call (406) 300-1330 or (406) 683-7038 or PURCHASE TICKETS HERE. Prices are $15 for general admission, $10 for seniors, military, and youth, and FREE for UMW students. In addition to the performances, artwork and poetry reflecting mental health awareness will be exhibited on stage and in the lobby before the show. A mental health clinician and UMW peer educator will also be on-site to offer support at all performances.

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