In a town known for its generosity and sheer number of people willing to volunteer their time, gifts or services, Eddi Walker stands head and shoulders above the rest.  That may be saying a lot considering this is the town that literally put a statue on a mountain through volunteer efforts, but if you put together all of Eddi's expertise shared, hours volunteered, events worked and lives changed, you'd come up with similar numbers.  She helps wherever she goes.  The Butte Sports Hall of Fame.  The Butte 100.  Road races.  Softball tournaments.  She helps lead all of them and then some.  And when it comes to donating blood, Eddi is in a class of her own, but we'll get to that in a second.


Last month, Eddi suffered a severe allergic reaction and had to be life-flighted to Salt Lake City.  To make a long story short she has been hospitalized since, including a long sting in ICU, and her condition has doctors scratching their heads.  Since her condition has not been diagnosed, it is not covered by her insurance and the bills are piling up rapidly.  Her daughter has been by her side in Salt Lake City and this is another out-of-pocket expense that the family must cover.  Can you give her a hand on her gofundme page?  Every dollar counts and you can bet that she would do it for you.


Now let's talk about Eddi as a blood donor.  Vitalent tells us that to date, Eddi has donated an astonishing 238 times.  And it is in her honor that on Monday, May 20th from 12pm to 3pm, Vitalant will be hosting a citywide blood drive at the Maroon Activities Center at 550 E. Mercury St.  Fastracks are encouraged and you can do so online at and for details, please scan the following QR code.

photo: walker
photo: walker

For further details or to schedule an appointment, please contact Shawn Muffich at, or for further information, please call 877-258-4825.

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