This is nothing more than a thank you.

Today I was able to sit at 3 Legends Stadium in Butte and watch the first two games of the MHSA Baseball State Tournament.

It was glorious.

I am a baseball guy.

Do I watch multiple games a day on MLB TV?  No.

Do I know what place the Tigers are in currently? No. But, as a lifelong Tigers fan, I can make a pretty good guess, and I am fully aware they are nowhere even close to .500. (BUT, lightyears better than the A’s)

Sitting in the stadium today, watching the tournament unfold, I had to pause and take it in. Year after year, we talked about adding baseball in Montana; year after year, it never happened.

I honestly think I started to believe it never would.

Mother Nature did NOT want this season to go smoothly. But our school administrators did an outstanding job adjusting on the fly, even If that meant changing schedules, several times a day in some cases.

That is the group of people I would like to thank, the High School Athletic Directors, the Principals, the Admins, and everyone who has a hand in the day-to-day. This year had to be hard. But, I’m telling you, it was appreciated.

Making sure that all High School events happen is an incredibly daunting job, (especially in the spring), and then deciding to add another spring sport to the mix is brave (or maybe just stupid?)

Photo: Tommy O/Townsquare Media
Photo: Tommy O/Townsquare Media

Out of all our high schools in Montana (171?), 23 Administrators, and Athletic Directors decided  “Yup, let’s do this”. I would love to hug all 23 involved. Did it take an overworked office, and add a ton more? Yes, it did. But those that decided to add baseball year 1 knew it wasn’t going to be easy, far from it. They also knew they were doing it for the right reason, for the kids. These are memories that shape lives and futures.

Do most of these kids play Legion ball, yes. But how many people can say they were on their high school’s first baseball team? It will be a badge of pride for life.

So, to the Athletic Directors, the Principals, the Admins, and everyone who had a hand in making this season work. Thank you.

Games get underway at 9:30 tomorrow morning, hope to see you there.

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