The spirit that filled the air this past Friday at Anaconda's Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade was hands down at the top of the list of moments to cherish forever. A favorable weather forecast and the 'luck of the Irish' were alive and well as this nostalgic event made its way through the streets of downtown Anaconda shortly after 2 p.m. The sun shined bright, and a cool breeze braced the sky as onlookers dressed in their favorite green apparel commenced along the street to watch an Anaconda tradition in action. (continued...)

This year, Pat Gallagher and Kathleen "Cait" (Gallagher) Francisco set the tone as honorary Grand Marshals of the parade. The beloved Anaconda Irish dancers, the AOH Washer Women, Anaconda's AOH Pipes & Drum Corps, and countless others also participated harmoniously. It was evident that people were excited to get out to see friends, family, and acquaintances they hadn't seen in years, but also gather with the ones they have close bonds with on any given day! (more parade talk below and pics...)

In referencing the History Channel for some fun facts about St. Patrick's Day Parades from years ago, recorded documents named New York City as the first place a parade celebrating Irish roots took place on U.S. soil in 1762. By the 19th century, the decision to host the parade on March 17th became widespread due to the increasing number of Irish immigrants making the United States their home. Decades ago, the Anaconda Ancient Order of Hibernians and the community didn't waste any time in making the celebration of Irish heritage a staple in the Smelter City, as well. So, as we mark off another heartfelt St. Patrick's Day Parade, may the tradition live on for generations to come. Below enjoy over 70 more pictures from Anaconda's parade last Friday, March 17th, and a few other images!

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