We all need a friend like Jack when rolling up to the Dunkin drive-thru.

Jack recently cracked the code on how to get the most donuts for very little money while at the Dunkin' location in Elverson, Pennsylvania.

Jack's mom recently shared his donut dealing making skills on TikTok.

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"Your bag is HUGE," Mom says as Jack comes walking back with money in hand and a massive haul of donuts.

Jack lays out his strategy of making the donut deal as the location was getting ready to shutdown for the day.

For his money, Jack nets multiple glazed donuts and a mound of Munchkins' that's pretty unbelievable.

He doesn't stop there, though. The video ends with Jack returning with even more donuts.

Jack's initial donut video has already been viewed more than 39 million times and led to a bit of a cult following.

Jack seems to be handling this newfound stardom well even if he is getting some unusual responses to his donut preferences.

The stop at the Pennsylvania Dunkin' was part of a massive trip Jack and his mom took in a U-Haul truck from Connecticut to Arkansas.

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They made a few stops along the way (well, besides multiple gas refills) and have chronicled their adventure in another follow-up video.

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