In all honesty, how would this mascot instill fear or help inspire student-athletes when competing? It's terrible.

Mascots are the pride of high schools and colleges throughout Montana. With slick designs, fun outfits, and chants, mascots are crucial to student-athletes and the identity of schools.

Mascots can reflect the town's personality or atmosphere. These images can help bring the communities together and support the athletes.

Photo by Daniel Lloyd Blunk Fernandez via Unsplash
Photo by Daniel Lloyd Blunk Fernandez via Unsplash

We know some fantastic high school mascots in Montana, like the Chinook Beeters, Anaconda Copperheads, and other incredible mascots. There are also some awesome college mascots, like the Montana Tech Orediggers and Carroll College Fighting Saints.

No one wants to support a weak mascot; one in Montana is pretty bad.

Out of all the high school and college mascots in Montana, this is the one that is the worst.

Up in Havre lies Montana State Unviersity-Northern. This NAIA school competes in the Frontier Conference with other Montana colleges like Montana Tech, Rocky Mountain, and Carroll College.

What's their mascot? The Northern Lights. That's right. The Lights are what they call the men's teams and the Skylights for the women's athletic programs.

Photo by Vincent Guth via Unsplash
Photo by Vincent Guth via Unsplash

How do you create a mascot out of that? They have polar bears named Aurora and Boris, after the Aurora Borealis.

Really? That's what they decided on? It's a weird choice for a mascot, but it could be better. There's so much history in Havre, and they could've gone in so many different directions for mascots.

MSU-Northern via Facebook

They could've been the bison, the gunslingers, and more, but they went with lights in the sky. What a swing and a miss.

Are there other mascots in Montana that need to be revamped or replaced? Let us know what you think about the app.


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