It's been a windy few days on and around Fort Peck Lake, and the Wind Advisory has been extended through Friday. Winds on the lake are not expected to be quite as strong as they were Thursday, but still strong enough to make small craft boating dangerous.

There are 27 designated recreational sites bordering the shores of Fort Peck Lake. It's a very popular place for fishing and boating. No matter what the season, you're sure to find people recreating on or near the lake.

The lake's popularity stems from the really great fishing. BIG fish. There are known to be incredibly huge fish in Fort Peck Lake, from lake trout to northern pike, small mouth, walleye, and carp. Here is the latest on the Wind Advisory:

  • WHAT...Northwest winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph.
  • WHERE...Fort Peck Lake.
  • WHEN...Until 6 PM Friday evening.
  • IMPACTS...Strong winds and rough waves on area lakes will create hazardous conditions for small craft.
  • PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS... Boaters on Fort Peck Lake should use extra caution since strong winds and rough waves can overturn small craft.

Notes about Fort Peck: The Fork Peck Lake is a big reservoir on the eastern prairie of Montana. The arms of Fort Peck reach into 6 counties, and the entire area is prone to gusty winds. 40 mph winds aren't that big of a deal off the water, but on the lake - it can get very dangerous for smaller boats.

"According to the World Almanac, Fort Peck Dam, MT is the largest embankment dam in the United States with the fifth-largest man-made reservoir."

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