Montana is the 4th biggest state when it comes to land and one of the least populated when it comes to people, however, that hasn't stopped folks from moving here and starting businesses.

In fact, according to one report, in 2022 alone, Montana saw over 50 thousand new business start-ups across the state.

While 50 thousand new businesses seem like a lot in one year, keep in mind a lot is happening in Big Sky Country. People continue to move here from other states, recreational marijuana is legal in several parts of the state, and several folks are working from home-based businesses. All of those certainly factor into the growth, among other things.

Throw in the fact that two Montana towns make the Top 20 for Best Cities To Start A Small Business and it all makes sense.

Source: WalletHub

WalletHub came out with a list of the best and worst cities to start a small business and 3 Montana cities made the Top 50. Missoula ranked 31st in the nation with the other two cities coming in at 16th and 11th.

Which two Montana cities cracked the Top 20?

Helena was ranked 16th in the nation while Bozeman just missed the Top 10, coming in at 11th. Interestingly enough, out of the Top 20, 12 cities are located in the western part of the United States with 8 of those in Utah. Utah had 4 in the Top 10 while Idaho had 2.

It seems to coincide with the fact that all 3 states have seen large increases in population over the last couple of decades as folks tend to be moving away from more of the populated and congested areas from the East and West coasts.

So, what can we expect in the future here in Montana? I think it would be safe to say more growth. More businesses equals more people, which equals more housing. For some, that will be welcomed, for others, not so much.

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