Registration is now open for the 2023 Uptop Skill Camp, presented by The Colt Anderson Dream Big Foundation.

The Uptop Skills Camp will be held on June 23rd from 11 am – 1 pm at Naranche Stadium in Butte.

The Colt Anderson Dream Big foundation is dedicated to creating positive change for our children by providing resources, innovative opportunities, and experiences that will empower kids to find their passion, dream big, and succeed.

tug o war- photo via Dream Big

The camp is for kids from Kindergarten (who must be entering Kindergarten this fall) through eighth grade. The kids will learn lessons far beyond the field, and be able to learn and interact with people like Colt Anderson, legendary Butte High safety, who had a nine-year career in the NFL as a player and is now a special teams coach for Cincinnati.

Over the years the camp has had many different celebrities come and help, people like:

Keith Sayers, Freestyle motocross rider, promoter, and owner. Keith represents Butte Montana everywhere he goes. Keith has pulled more backflips on more continents than anyone alive.

Dillon Montana’s own, Troy Andersen. Linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons.

Lorenzo Alexander, from Oakland California. Lorenzo played 15 years in the NFL and had an incredible career, playing for 6 different teams. Most of those years with Washington, but maybe best known for the red, white, and blue of Buffalo.

Maggie Voisin, freeskier from Whitefish, Montana. If Maggie were to wear all her X-Games medals at the same time, she would develop back problems, and it would also drive Mr. T into a fit of rage never seen before. Maggie has 7 total X-Games medals in freestyle skiing. 2 Gold, 2 Silver, and 3 Bronze.

Chase Reynolds. NFL Running Back from Drummond, Montana. Paul Bunyan is jealous of the Chase Reynolds stories told in Drummond, where he is Legend.. and should be. Chase played 6 years in the NFL.

Also pitching in last season was Butte High’s, Tommy Mellott. Because that’s what he does, help. Tommy gives an incredible amount of time to kids around him, always helping, and always mentoring. He’s an incredible person, and a pretty solid football player at Montana State too, in case you missed the memo.

There are just a few of the people that Colt brings in, each and every year. There will be a whole lot more to go along with the camp as well, a post-camp party, a dinner and auction, Keith Sayers and his crew will be setting up ramps… It’s going to be another outstanding time. Don’t miss it.

Keep track of everything via their facebook page.

And sign your kids up now via the Dream Big Foundation webpage.

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