Comfort foods are delicious treats we crave and reward ourselves with regularly. Even if we're overly happy or sad, comfort foods can rescue or reward us for brief moments at a time. As humans, WE DEMAND OUR COMFORT FOODS! Okay, maybe "demand" is over the top, but yeah, we want to consume good food for all sorts of convincing reasons. So, let's cut to the chase; if you had to choose one of two Montana traditional comfort foods, which would be your go-to? Pork Chop Sandwiches or Pasties? (See below)

**Pork Chop Sandwiches hit the spot and are the ultimate comfort food found at endless restaurants, primarily in Southwest Montana. They have been famously available at Pork Chop John's in Butte since 1932 and at Muzz and Stan's Freeway Bar (Wop Chop), also in Butte. There's nothing like a battered chop deep-fried to perfection and served on a bun. Of course, the fixings are up to you, so choose what's most comforting (wink!) John Burklund, who moved from Sweden to Butte, Montana, inroduced this traditional pork chop sandwich in the 1920s. Now, if you want to make your own pork chop sandwich at home, Paumies Porkies offers them at select grocery stores in Montana. Indiana has had a similar version of this masterpiece sandwich for decades. So, whether the land of Hoosiers invented the pork chop sandwich is up for debate.

**Pasties date back to 13th-century England. Since then, this cornish concoction has earned a considerable following. Over the years, chefs have created their version of  pasties, with that flaky crust as the bearer of mouth-watering ingredients. Many connoisseurs traditionally use potatoes and ground meat to fill their pasty crusts, while others like to add other vegetables and meats... But, hey, you already know this, consumer of all things good. Over the years, pasty shops have been plenty. Staple Pasty shops in Southwest Montana include(d) Wind's, Truzzolino's, June's, Joe's and more. All pasty shops listed are superb, but I have a bias regarding Wind's Pasties. After all, the man behind the dense, savory treat was my uncle, John Wind. He has since passed away, but Wind's Pasties remains intact under different owners. As a baker in the Navy, my Uncle John brought his talent for pastry and pasty making to Anaconda, Montana, in 1959. Oh, and one more thing. Gravy, ketchup...or both? There are no wrong answers. It's comfort food, for goodness sake!

So, please tell us what your go-to comfort food is when visiting Southwest Montana or if you're already in the area living the dream.

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