Events to honor Irish heritage in the area just keep coming, and we haven't even made it to St. Patrick's Day yet! So far, loyal enthusiasts have enjoyed the Shillelagh Shindig at the Carpenter's Union Hall that took place last Friday in Butte, the AOH St. Patrick's Day Race in Anaconda this past Saturday, and yesterday's Ceilidh (celebration of Irish music and friendly gatherings) at the AOH Hall in Anaconda. The latter event was one my family and I had the honor of enjoying! The consensus following our time at Anaconda's AOH Ceilidh yesterday was a predictable thumbs up! We were in great company with members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians who welcomed us from the get go. At Ceilidh, many in attendance engaged in conversation with family and friends, while enjoying beverages and delicious homemade corned beef with all the trimmings at the "Hall" (Dan Tocher & crew did an immense job. Yum!) Some even had to elbow fellow patrons out of the way to get their share of Tipperary squares (white frosted mini cakes rolled in chopped nuts), but other than that it was a friendly outing. Lol! (Continued...)

Other highlights of the Ceilidh yesterday at the AOH Hall in Anaconda included performances by Haley Kenny's wonderful Irish Dancers, introductions by AOH's Ray Ryan, an empowering Irish ballad beautifully sung by Anaconda native and Notre Dame freshman, Reece Connors, a breath taking hymn and spiritual Irish prayer before dinner by Mary Kay Kloker, and later in the day, music by the Anaconda AOH Pipes and Drum Corps. As illustrated on their website, the Anaconda Ancient Order of Hibernians are one of the oldest running divisions in the west. To date, they have over 100 members with the following officers by rank: President - Joe Ungaretti; Jerimiah Bilodeau - Vice President; Bob Mehrens - Treasurer; Ed Burch - Financial Secretary; Ricco Ungaretti - Recording Secretary; Dan Tocher - Standing Committee; Gary Ouldhouse - Marshall; Joey Casey - Sentinel. If you have photos that correlate with our articles, we are able to credit and post them upon approval. To learn more, please message in the comment section below. In the meantime, enjoy more images below of a great time had by all at yesterday's Ceilidh in Anaconda!

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