Well, it's the end of an era, dear viewers. Sniff, sniff. The end to giving your parents, your adult children, cousin Joey on dad's side, and Aunt Jean your Netflix password! Well, without accruing additional fees, that is. Talk of the takedown was first revealed by the streaming giant last spring. Now, the cat is out of the bag, and Netflix customers could see changes to their accounts as early as next month! As shared by Mashable online, the company believes they will initially lose some customers who go into shock over the change to "paid sharing" but that those same customers will hopefully come back. In contrast, new customers won't be phased by the change one bit. (continued...)

Netflix has gone on to say that their loose policies of the soon-to-be past were starting to undermine their long-term need to improve as a streaming provider. Part of that vision is the possibility of far more movies added to the Netflix roster. We'll have to see for ourselves, no doubt! As Netflix changes to paid sharing, that's exactly what they will do; they'll offer patrons the option to pay extra to share it with people outside the household. In the meantime, all subscribers can still watch Netflix on any device while vacationing or traveling. If you're a Netflix enthusiast, you probably won't have any issue paying the extra fee to keep the series and movies you love intact and in plain sight from your recliner or couch.

As revealed by Statista, there were nearly 231 million Netflix subscribers reported at the end of 2022 across the world, with Montana being responsible for a smidge of that number. So yes, Montana is aligned with the streaming frenzy per capita like any other state. There's no doubt the new Netflix changes will steer some Big Sky Country customers away, but most likely not for long. It's hard to break out of the habit of sharing when we've been told to do it for so long. Overdramatic and sarcastic, I know, especially when I know I'll be pulling out the fees to keep our Netflix service anyway. In a sense, that's sharing, because now I'll be giving more money to the streaming gurus.

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