Do you like to hang back and watch parades, or do you like the excitement of being in one? Whether you welcome the idea of getting in on the action or someone who needs a little persuading, the upcoming St. Patrick's Day Parade in Butte may be a good place to start! The thing about it, though, is you have to act fast! Tomorrow at midnight (March 10th) is the entry deadline to participate in the notorious St. Patrick's Day Parade in Historic Uptown Butte on March 17th. It is also the last day to nominate a Grand Marshall for the parade. BELOW is how to get your entry and nominations in! (continued...)

To get involved in Butte's St. Patrick's Day Parade, visit the Butte America Foundation's website right here -> BUTTE PARADE then follow the guidelines listed on the entry form for online submission. To nominate a Grand Marshall, visit this link -> GRAND MARSHALL. The 2023 Butte St. Patrick's Day Parade's entry categories include commercial floats or cars, sports teams, horses, musical bands or drill teams, non-commercial floats, union, political, marching units, and a specialty option. To learn more about entry categories, contact Parade Director Pat Ryan at (406) 498-2588. You can also email him at (more parade below)

So, although it's crunch time, it's highly possible to get your entry in before tomorrow's deadline by following the steps above. So, get creative, get your green on, and get ready for this year's St. Patrick's Day Parade in Uptown Butte!

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