When it comes to charitable families in the Mining City, you will be hard pressed to find a more giving family than the Boyle clan.  For decades, the Boyle's, led by patriarch Bernie, have been first responders, teachers, coaches, mentors and so many other great things.  Bernie, who has been the man behind the Butte Knights of Columbus chapter for as long as anyone can really remember, has truly led a life of service and the ones he truly loves serving are the children of Butte.  This year, the Knights of Columbus "Little Kids" basketball league is in its 30th season.  Free of charge and open to both boys and girls from pre-kindergarten to fourth grade, Little Kids Basketball started because "we had an open gym at the KC and were just trying to get something for kids to do on Saturdays," explained Boyle between a recent Oredigger doubleheader,  "No coach yells at them and they just have fun," he added with a smile as his grandson, Hunter, nodded in agreement.  Hunter himself is a three-year veteran of Little Kids Basketball.  The program is free to all who want to attend with the preschoolers through second graders playing from 9 to 10:30 and the third and fourth graders playing from 10:30 to noon.  There are three weeks remaining in the current season.

After 30 years, Bernie has been in the process of handing control of Little Kids Basketball to his sons Dan and Tom who, like Bernie, are fixtures at the Butte KC and true gentlemen to boot.  "I did it the first 25 years and my body just wore out," Boyle joked.  Pointing to his young grandson, he added with a smile, "Hopefully in 15 years we'll be giving it to this guy," with Hunter simply beaming off of his Grandpa's shoulder.

If that is truly the case, it looks like Little Kids Basketball will be in very good hands for at least the next 30 years.

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