BUTTE, MT - Montana. There's really no where on Earth quite like it. I'm sure we all remember our first experience being here; whether you were born and raised on a large piece of land in the Paradise Valley and you first saw the sun rise over the Mt Cowen, or you moved here seeking salvation from a borderline war-torn California and you first saw the huge "M" on the Bridgers from your rental car window leaving the refreshing Bozeman Airport. No experience is better than the other, and we all have our own rich, personal experience.

For some, their real first Montana experience is meeting their family at a restaurant or a gallery in one of the many awesome, quaint main streets Montana towns have to offer. I remember discovering Livingston's main street area and, boy, what a trip to seemingly be thrown back into an area fighting off being enveloped by the present—in the best way. Everyone knows that a city is as good as its main street, and these 7 main streets in Montana will surely make you want to visit, no matter if you're planning on visiting our lovely street one day or you're going for your 100th time.

Here are the Top 7 main streets you need to visit in Montana.

These 7 Main Streets in Bozeman Are Well Worth Visiting

Montana is known for its captivating mountains, its one-of-a-kind skiing, and plentiful outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy. But these 7 poppin' main streets are perfect stops for you to visit in between all that activity-doin'.

Gallery Credit: Devon Brosnan

How many of these poppin' locations have you visited already? Being in Butte myself, I feel ashamed to say that I still haven't been to Anaconda, but I definitely convinced myself to go check it out, and hopefully you'll start to feel the pangs of motivation poking you to go as well. Montana really is the best state, and its little cute towns and their respective main streets prove that point.

Let me know which one is your favorite or which main street I may have missed!

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