Have you seen the Netflix documentary series "Our Planet"?  Stunning is one word that is frequently used, and rightfully so.  Combining rarely-seen footage of many different ecosystems and their inhabitants, "Our Planet" tells the story of our fragile planet and all who call it home, sometimes very bluntly.  "Our Planet" is stunning visually, audibly and emotionally and it has been transformed into a live performance that is coming to Butte's Mother Lode Theater this February.

photo: Facebook/Mother Lode Theater
photo: Facebook/Mother Lode Theater

"Our Planet: Live in Concert" is a two-hour concert experience that combines incredible cinematography presented in high-definition along with an accompanying orchestra performing compositions by Oscar-winning composer Steven Price.  Narration is provided by legendary broadcaster David Attenborough and a donation to the World Wildlife Fund will be made for each concert.  "Our Planet: Live in Concert" is coming to Butte's Mother Lode Theater on Sunday, February 19.  Showtime is 4pm.  Tickets are available now.

"Our Planet: Live in Concert" is perfect for all ages and there are many more family-friendly events coming to the Mother Lode Theater in the near future.  If you're interested in attending more than one show, you can save a couple of dollars by purchasing a multi-show package.  An example of some of the quality entertainment you'll be able to enjoy this spring include "Lucy Loves Desi: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Sitcom" and The Kingston Trio in concert.  If you want to bring the family and make a weekend of it, several hotels are offering discounts for ticketholders.

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