BUTTE, MT - What do you think would help Butte's economy the most?

I find that many of you here in Butte discuss this question a lot, and it's one of my favorites to listen to and—occasionally—chime in with. I don't think any single one of us has the answer to that question, and, like most of the questions I pose here, doesn't have one clearly defined variable to measure. However, I think that one of the best ways to get started on developing a method to boosting Butte's economy are community-based, organized events, especially when it hosts those who have knowledge and authority in relevant industries.

In its second annual conference, Montana Chamber of Commerce's 2024 Convergence, A Celebration of National Travel & Tourism Week, plans to address the question above: what will help boost Butte's economy? This event is open to public (that means you), which means you can attend and learn how 150 leaders aim "to drive economic development and create thriving communities."

Here's a breakdown on all the event's details:

  1. 2024 Convergence's Key Point:
    • It celebrates National Travel & Tourism Week, highlighting tourism as a leading industry in Montana and the other industries that surround it.
  2. The Date and Venue:
    • The Convergence event is scheduled for May 21 (Tuesday) and May 22 (Wednesday), 2024.
    • It will take place across multiple venues in Butte, Montana, including the “1923” Dutton Ranch, The Finlen Hotel, and The Butte Depot. Exact times found here.
  3. Who's Going:
    • The event is expected to bring together 150 leaders from various sectors including film, outdoor recreation, tourism, and community development from across Montana. Plus, whomever from the general public
  4. Key Topics:
    • Discussions will cover the impact of Senate Bill 540 (SB-540) on the tourism sector.
    • The importance of the MEDIA (Montana Economic Development Industry Advancement) film tax credit and initiatives for the 2025 Legislature to expand it.
    • The state of outdoor recreation in Montana.
    • Developments in air and rail services that affect tourism and travel logistics.
    • How these all come together to empower Butte's (and Montana's) economy.

Additional information can be found by visiting Montana Chamber of Commerce's event page found here.

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