COVID-19 Information

Lunches and a breakfast can be picked up at the following locations between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.:

  • Butte High School – Platinum Street Entrance, Kitchen Loading Dock
  • East Middle School – 2600 Grand Ave, Use Auditorium Entrance
  • Emerson – 1924 Phillips, Gym Entrance
  • Kennedy – 1101 N Emmett, Gym Entrance
  • Margaret Leary – 1301 4 Mile Vu Road, NE Gym Entrance
  • West – 1000 Steele Street, Cafeteria Entrance

Closure of businesses and restaurants in MT extended through April 30th.

Airlines cancel Missoula flights; Tester seeks funding support for regional airports:


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Tim Crowe, Public Information Officer
406-324-4755 or 406-324-4752

HELENA, MONT. –Governor Steve Bullock’s COVID19 Task Force is working diligently to provide you timely, accurate, clear and relevant information related to Coronavirus in the state.  To better serve the public and media, we are implementing the following steps:

The MT COVID-19 Task Force state map will present county-level data to include positive cases, gender and age demographics.  This information will be updated twice daily, at 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

The Montana COVID19 website (,E,X,T&H=eafc80a13513a28ae7b8e20b9aaef20b402f0c86 ) will account for positive tests by county regardless of residency.  Positive test results for Montana residents who are currently outside the state will not be included in the totals reported on the website.   The state recognizes that its reporting totals will differ from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) total as a result of these reporting processes.   If media outlets choose to utilize other numbers through other sources, we will not validate them until the next reporting time.

Should you have additional questions regarding the states updated reporting process, please contact 406-324-4752.